This website has been developed to showcase my learning in my university unit Living and learning with technology. This unit is based on the principles of authentic learning and encourages us to take ownership and responsibility for our learning. Creating a website provides me with the opportunity to showcase my digital literacy and technology skills and to share my knowledge and finished resources with my peers, family, friends and potential future principals, and fellow teachers.
Living and learning with technology tasks
For Task 1 we will research safe use of the Internet and create a personal educational website.
View my Task 1 Safe Use page.
In Task 2 we will research responsible, and ethical use of the Internet and produce two educational resources:
  1. a digital poster (or comic strip) about one topic related to responsible use of the Internet (that could be later printed and displayed in a classroom) and
  2. an online quiz (or video) about an aspect of copyright. 

Finally in Task 3 we will work together in small groups to develop an authentic learning project to demonstrate how technology can be used in the classroom as cognitive tools to support student learning and engagement.
Image: CC by langwitches, Digital portfolios media, 2010
CC by langwitches, Digital portfolios media, 2010