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Today I am experimenting with adding images and hyperlinks in my blog posts. I prefer to jump in and have a go to see if I can work it out by myself. If I can't work it out fairly quickly I will then do a search of the Jimdo help to see if they have some information that will help me. What I want to do is have some text and then add 2 photos side by side in my blog post. And then more text again. Let's see how I go :)


BYOD jennip98 CC-BY-NC-SA
BYOD jennip98 CC-BY-NC-SA
Wordle created by jennip98 CC-BY-NC-SA
Wordle created by jennip98 CC-BY-NC-SA

Well that was easy - it is excatly the same process as adding columns and photos in a Jimdo webpage.

  1. Add a text element to your blog post
  2. Type in some text (as above the pictures)
  3. Add a column element to the page (e.g. 2 columns)
  4. Click on the add element in each column and upload an image file
  5. Use + and - icons to resize image
  6. Type in caption to acknowledge original creator and license type
  7. Click on the link icon and paste in the URL for the correct Creative Commons license (or the original source of the image)
  8. Make sure you click on the save buttons.
  9. Click on the blog post heading and select Publis to display the post.

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